NANS Reacts To Attack On Nigerian Students In India

The National Association of Nigerian Students has condemned the recent attack on Nigerian students in Delhi, India.

NANS National Vice President, External, Babatunde Akinteye, disclosed this in a statement on Wednesday.

Akinteye, who called the attack “racist,” said the lives and well-being of Nigerian students in the diaspora should be protected.

He said, “My attention has been drawn to an ongoing racist attack in the city of Delhi, India, where some Nigerian citizens currently studying in Delhi were attacked by some Indian students.


“After a painstaking investigation, it was found that the tension erupted as a result of some Nigerian Muslim faithful who said their prayers on a football field instead of an allocated room, which prompted some Hindu students to attack Nigerian students on the campus.

“While we do not wish to cause mayhem or public disturbance, we must make it clear that the safety and well-being of every Nigerian student studying in the diaspora and at home must be protected at all costs.”

Akinteye urged the High Commissioner of Nigeria to India, Major General Chris Eze (retd.), and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to intervene in the matter and put a stop to violence against Nigerian students in the diaspora.


He said, “I am using this medium to appeal to the Honourable High Commissioner of Nigeria to India, Major General Chris S. Eze (retd.) to please swing into action to curb any further unseen circumstances or crisis. In the same vein, we urge the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs to intervene on this issue and rise to discharge their duties immediately.

“Due to the situation at hand, the national executives of NANS will visit the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more facts and to proffer practical solutions and also to ensure the safety of our fellow students schooling in Delhi, India.”

Akinteye urges Nigerian students in India to keep calm and maintain their safety in these perilous times.



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