Reasons Why Eating Beans Often Won’t Raise Your Blood Sugar Level


Beans are accepted globally as a highly nutritious food. For diabetes patients, it is called a superfood as it provides many health and nutritional benefits for these persons. As a diabetes patient, you must have received several warnings that you should reduce refined and prepackaged carbs like white bread, flour, rice, and pasta from your diet


If you’re wondering what kind of food you should eat to have a stable blood sugar level, then beans are the best choice for you. Even though they also contain carbohydrates, beans are digested slowly so won’t spike your blood sugar level like other carbs. In this article, I’ll like to enlighten you about reasons why diabetes patients should eat beans often according to Healthline


Why Diabetes Patients Should Eat More Of Beans

1. Many of us have come to learn that beans contain more carbs than we knew in past years, so as a diabetes patient you might wonder if you should keep eating beans. Of course, beans contain carbs but it has a low glycemic index so do not spike your blood sugar level.


2. Research shows that beans contain 15 grams of carbohydrates, 7 grams of proteins, 125 calories, and 0-3 grams of fat when cooked. As a complex carbohydrate, beans are more slowly digested hence your blood sugar level is kept more stable for longer periods.

3. Beans also contain fiber which helps to stabilize blood glucose after beans are digested. Diabetes patients are advised to eat more food that contains fiber.

Take home

It is important to note that baked beans contain more carbs. It also contains a lot of added sugar so you should check the labels properly





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