New Twist In Rift With Davido As Dammy Krane Alleges Knife Attack

In a startling turn of events within the Nigerian music scene, artiste Dammy Krane has come forward with a chilling account of how he allegedly escaped an assassination attack at a Lagos nightclub, he is allegedly linking to fellow musician, Davido.

Dammy Krane claims to have narrowly escaped being stabbed to death and asserts that the attack may be linked to Davido. According to his statement, he successfully defended himself, even disarming the alleged attacker, a bouncer. In addressing Davido, Dammy Krane uses a nickname reflecting a financial dispute between them, suggesting suspicions of Davido’s involvement in orchestrating the attack along with the nightclub owner.

The backdrop to this alleged assassination attack is a series of financial disagreements between Dammy Krane and Davido. The conflict arose when Dammy Krane accused Davido of owing him money, leading to a public exchange. Davido countered by highlighting past support, including providing accommodation to Dammy Krane.

Despite this, Dammy Krane persisted in asserting the outstanding debt. The situation escalated as he continued to call out Davido on social media, joined by others claiming overdue payments from the musician.

Dammy Krane’s new allegation of an assassination introduces a more ominous dimension to their dispute, hinting at a potential physical threat he is trying to link to Davido. While Davido has yet to respond, reports that he was recently in Atlanta for a concert with his wife, Chioma, adding complexity to this unfolding saga

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