Nigerian Men React As 39-Year-Old Single Lady Cries For Husband [VIDEO]

Some men have reacted after a depressed 39-year-old single Nigerian lady took to social media to express her need for a man to marry her because she is getting older.

The lady lamented that her friends are married but no man has shown interest to marry her but rather s3xuælly exploit her.


She said she doesn’t mind marrying anybody and assured that she will sponsor the wedding even if the man has no job.

In her words, “I need a husband, I will sponsor the marriage, I am 39 years old, and very soon I will enter menopause”

“Are you a conductor? Are you a barrow pusher? Please marry me, I am going to sponsor the marriage.

“I am going to give you money to pay my bride price. Please come and marry me. I am tired of singleness. I am 39 years old, please come and marry me.

“I no longer sleep, all my mates are married but nobody wants to marry me. Even if you don’t have a job, I will sponsor it.”

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See reactions from men on X:

@OGstateofmind questioned, “What did she do to chase men away cos she clearly doesn’t look so awful not to have someone atleast impregnate her….. ✔ on the flip side she could just be unlucky cos men detest this thing called marriage nowadays and some wey Dey married still Dey act funny… I just Dey laff.”

@TijaniA…. “Do which thing?

“After 10,00 “you’re not my type”

“You’re broke”

“Oh you’re like a brother to me”

“They’ll now finally be ready when menopause is at the door. Wonderful!”

@Subla said, “So a reasonable man seeing this now will actually go to marry her? Whether you pay the bride price or she pays, people will never respect you.”

@Prince54762 asked, “What were you doing, when ur mates were getting married… Probably slaying and hook ups abi?? No real man will settle for u at that age 39???… So deal with it!!!”

JOSEPH ONIMISI AMOS prayed, “May God give you the right person that will fit your destiny.

“Sometimes we might not understand how some ladies feel at every point of their age.”


@okarie5 said, “At this age, na divorcee or widower go fit run am. But if na single guy she dey look for she go wait till thy kingdom come. Except miracle happen.”

@Francis_Nachi said, “When you meet her outside, approach her responsibly, she will be more interested in accessing how you dress and speak or your origin. Sometimes, I don’t pity her type at all. They know what they are doing. So many of them are here forming “gragra” but come online to lament.


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