Yul Edochie Explains Relationship With Nollywood Kidnapper [VIDEO]

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has spoken out to clarify his relationship with late colleague Eson Rich, who was recently killed in a gunfight with police. Last week, the Lagos State Police Command announced that nine alleged kidnappers, including Rich, had been killed during a shootout.

As the news broke, a photo of Yul Edochie and Eson Rich began circulating online, with many blogs and media outlets claiming that the two were close friends. However, Yul Edochie has vehemently denied this, stating that the photo was taken on a film set and was simply a chance encounter.


Yul Edochie expressed frustration with the media for editing the photo and spreading false news. He emphasized that he and Eson Rich were not friends and had only met briefly on set. He condemned the sensationalism and urged the media to respect the truth.

Watch him speak in the video below;

Yul Edochie’s clarification has put the record straight, and serves as a reminder to prioritize accuracy in reporting

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