PDP Primary: Why Your Propaganda Can’t Stop Shaibu’s Victory Tomorrow

The Edo deputy governor and frontline PDP Governorship aspirant, Hon Philip Shaibu’s popularity and support among the people of Edo state is overwhelming and undeniable. However, there are those who are scared of his rising influence and are now accusing him of plotting to disrupt the PDP Governorship primary.

It is no secret that Philip Shaibu has been gaining traction and his popularity has been soaring, which has left some individuals feeling threatened. They are spreading false rumors and propaganda in an attempt to tarnish his reputation and derail his momentum.

But the truth of the matter is that Philip Shaibu does not need to disrupt the primary in order to emerge victorious. His track record, dedication to the people, and genuine connection with the citizens of Edo state speak for themselves. His leadership qualities and vision for the state have resonated with the people, and it is clear that he has the genuine support of the masses.

Regardless of the accusations and fear-mongering, Philip Shaibu will undoubtedly emerge victorious in the PDP Governorship primary. His unwavering commitment to the betterment of Edo state and his ability to connect with the people will see him through the primary election and ultimately lead him to success.

The people of Edo state have spoken, and they have shown their unwavering support for Philip Shaibu. His popularity speaks volumes, and the attempts to discredit him will prove to be futile in the face of the overwhelming endorsement he has received.

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