Purported Endorsement, Other Intrigues, And The Lies Within, By Kassim Afegbua

Nothing can be more ridiculous to watch than watching men of God, mortals, who are expected to live above board, framing lies in the vineyard of politics. It distorts the very essence of the exemplary leadership they claim to be in and exposes the desperation and guile that lie within them. Let me say and let it be clear now, that nobody not even the Presidency has given any directive endorsing Senator Monday Okpebholo as the preferred aspirant for Saturday APC primaries. Though every aspirant is free to lobby and woo members of the APC in their quest to emerge as the flag bearer, making false claims and telling fibs is not part of the game. Such acts only diminish the credibility and social stature of some of the sponsors and bearers.

The double standard and sheer hypocrisy is egregious. Those party men who decried Senator Adams Oshiomhole’s purported “inordinate” interference in the election process, are the same persons now proffering a pretext of a non-existent directive from the Presidency, as the reason why they are now IMPOSING Senator Monday on their people. If as a leader of the party, you disagreed with the outcome of the party’s pruning exercise, defied the party’s directive as regards forms purchase, and suddenly woke up with a 20/20 vision, and having read the writing on the wall, decide to impose an aspirant on your people who were set to rebel with you hitherto, can you be said to be a good party man or leader? I am just wondering aloud. What was the justification for raising dust over presumptions that Senator Oshiomhole anointed an aspirant? What was the basis for that accusation in the first place? Is his earned charisma and huge following offensive?

The stark reality is that majority of the APC members are sentimental towards the aspiration of Rt. Hon. Dennis Idahosa, including Mr. President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Quote me correctly. Hon. Dennis is set to emerge as the elected candidate of the party from the Saturday’s primary election on the basis of THE OVERWHELMING SUPPORT HE HAS ACROSS THE STATE.
For fear of being defeated by Hon. Dennis Idahosa, some aspirants have elected to quit the race dishonourably, by pulling out, and lying and or alluding to a nebulous directive that can’t even hold air, and conjuring up what does not exist. How shameless! An idea whose time has come cannot be derailed by negotiated and purchased deals; it will not even be able to create confusion within the ranks of our party. We are solidly behind Hon. Dennis Idahosa across the 18 LGAs of the state. Any other aspirant who cannot stand the soreness of defeat, and fears a puncture of their egos, had better do the honorable thing, and quit the stage too; but not bring themselves so low to telling outright lies and conjuring up a non- existent endorsement. Instead join in to support Hon. Dennis, and as a good party man or woman be co-operative and be seen to be.


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