Why PDP Will Lose Edo State If NWC Continues With Rigged Delegates List

By Momoh Andrew

Ahead of Edo PDP governorship primary, the ratification of Edo PDP delegates list which was massively rigged by Edo state government is causing tension in the state.

If the PDP National Working Committee (NWC) decides to continue with the primary using the delegates list that has been rejected by nine aspirants in Edo State, it is highly likely that the party will lose the state to another party in the upcoming governorship election in September.

The NWC and the panel set up to resolve the issue have acknowledged that the problem requires a political dimension to resolve. However, instead of conducting a fresh election in Edo State, they are now setting a date for another ad-hoc election. This decision raises concerns about the fairness and integrity of the primary process.

It is clear that there have been irregularities identified in the previous delegates list. Therefore, it is only fair and just for the NWC to conduct a new ad-hoc delegate election that is transparent, free, and fair. By doing so, the PDP can ensure that the process is not tainted and that all aspirants have an equal and fair chance of winning the primary.

If the PDP continues with the delegate election that was organized and conducted in the Edo State Government House, it will not only undermine the party’s credibility but also reduce the chances of winning the governorship election. Such a decision will be seen as favoritism and exclusion, which will only create disunity and dissatisfaction among party members and supporters.

To avoid losing the state to another party, the PDP NWC should prioritize equity and fairness by conducting a new ad-hoc delegate election. This will allow for a level playing field and ensure that the party’s candidate is chosen based on merit and support from the party members in Edo State. Only then can the PDP have a better chance of winning the governorship election and securing victory in Edo State.

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