Edo Guber: Obaseki Declares War On Shaibu For Been The Preferred Candidate Of The PDP In 2024 Governorship Election

The political landscape in Edo State took an interesting turn as Governor Godwin Obaseki yesterday declared war against his deputy, Philip Shaibu, who is the preferred candidate of the PDP in the upcoming 2024 gubernatorial election. The tension between the two politicians has been palpable since Shaibu openly declared his intention to run for Edo state governorship election. Recall that Shaibu played a crucial role in securing Obaseki’s re-election.

The recent snub by Obaseki towards Shaibu at the second term inauguration of Governor Diri in Bayelsa State further heightened the animosity between them. It is worth noting that Shaibu served as the chairman of the PDP primary election committee for Diri’s second term, and he even provided support for Diri’s campaign.

Surprisingly, despite Obaseki’s cold reception towards Shaibu, the PDP governors present at the event embraced him with a display of love and solidarity. This gesture showcased the support and admiration Shaibu enjoys within the party, further isolating Obaseki in his campaign against his deputy.

The declaration of war by Obaseki against Shaibu has sent shockwaves through the PDP and the political landscape in Edo State. It is seen by many party members as a betrayal of the trust and loyalty Shaibu has shown towards Obaseki throughout their political journey.

Additionally, with Shaibu’s popularity among party members and the electorate, Obaseki’s campaign against him faces uncertainty.

As the 2024 gubernatorial election approaches, the battle between Obaseki’s candidate and Shaibu promises to be fierce. The power struggle within the PDP and the efforts to secure public support will undoubtedly shape the political climate in Edo State.

Only time will reveal the outcomes of this war between Obaseki and Shaibu and the subsequent effects on the PDP’s political fortunes in Edo State.

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