All Is Now Set For Official Endorsement Of Dennis Idahosa By Hon Pius Alile Coalition Initiative At Elora Hotel

The stage is finally set for Hon Dennis Idahosa, popularly known as DENCO, to receive the endorsement of the Pius Alile Coalition Initiative (PACI) as the APC governorship candidate.

The much-anticipated event is taking place at the prestigious Elora Royal Hall and Suites in Benin City.

Many political observers and residents of Edo State are eagerly awaiting this endorsement as it is expected to give a significant boost to Idahosa’s campaign.

PACI, a group known for its influence and support in the political landscape across the state, has carefully considered the strengths and abilities of all candidates before settling on Idahosa as their chosen candidate.

As a seasoned politician with vast experience in governance, Hon Dennis Idahosa has endeared himself to the people of Edo State through his commitment to accountability, transparency, and development. His track record speaks for itself, having successfully served in various capacities within the state’s political landscape.

The endorsement by PACI demonstrates the trust and confidence the coalition has in Idahosa’s ability to steer the state in the right direction. It also showcases his extensive network and support base, which will undoubtedly be crucial in securing victory during the forthcoming elections.

As the time of writing this report, party faithful, supporters, and well-wishers gather to witness this significant milestone in Idahosa’s campaign.

The event is expected to be marked by speeches, pledges of support, and joyous celebrations.

With the endorsement of PACI, Hon Dennis Idahosa’s campaign gains momentum, as he positions himself as a strong contender for the governorship seat in Edo State. As election day draws near, his focus, determination, and unwavering commitment to the people of the state will undoubtedly propel him to victory.

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