Reactions As Armed Thugs Guard Peter Obi

So there is this picture trending of Peter Obi at a certain occasion with a fully armed thug walking behind him, and internet respondents are of the opinion that Peter Obi should come out and tell Nigerians where that was and if Peter Obi works with Armed Banned Militias instead of the conventional NPF as security personnel.

One curious characteristic of the LP presidential candidate that I’ve noticed is his habit for discreetly hiding police escorts behind the cameras in his PHOTO SHOOTS.

If you look closely, you will see that Peter Obi, the former Governor of Anambra State, produces images that always depict him as someone who does not employ the services of personnel from the Nigeria Police as escorts or orderlies.

Since Peter Obi began wearing his distinctive funeral outfit of black and black, it’s difficult to get a photo of him with a police officer beside or behind him.

For instance, we all know that it is dangerous for a prominent leader to enter Anambra without security and avoid becoming ensnared in a web of gunshots.


Does this imply that Peter Ob walks with unknown gunmen? Due to the fact that the man walking behind him is armed and UNKNOWN, making him an UNKNOWN GUNMAN (or whatever phrase you like to use to describe him).

All due respect aside, Peter Obi is a third force, and the DSS and police are by default expected to protect him. If anything were to happen to Peter Obi, we all know that Nigeria would be in disarray and would even spark an ethnic conflict.

Therefore, what is Obi depicting when he says that he won’t use DSS, Army, or police men when he comes to Aso Rock and will instead settle for despicable-looking Unknown Gunmen brandishing riffles while wearing bathroom slippers?



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