Senate President: Competence and Not Ranking Is What The 10th Senate Needs- Jarrett Tenebe

The name Adam Oshiomole is a household name in Nigeria. A name associated with labour movement, governance, , Edo  State politics and management of party hierarchy  in the ruling All Progressive Congress in Nigeria (APC).

Adam Oshiomole a  practicing Catholic who walked his way into the minds of Nigerians when he  used Labour movement to fight for the poor masses  in the early days of President Olusegun Obasanjo’s government. His trajectories showed that he defeated the God-father of Edo politics, installed Oyegun as National Party Chairman, Managed APC before he returned to his senatorial  zone and was duly elected as a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria A major attribute that distinguishes Oshiomole from his peers is that he is competent, passionate about his vision, a party man and a politician to the core.

The choice  of Adam Oshiomole as a senate president is rational and functional as well as logic brought to the front burner of Nigerian politics. It means political equity, balance and maximum unity in the face of  marginalization.

As a one time party chairman, Oshiomole commands national respect, acceptability and grace. His antecedents both in Labour and APC have exposed him to better conflict resolution techniques. Oshiomolle has allies and supporters  all over the country. Above all he can be trusted  to help Asiwaju stabilize the monky water of politics now that Nigeria is in dire need of a  workable government.


These an many more reasons  are why the senate rules on ranking for leadership should be jettisoned. Ranking is an internal affair which is not constitutional. It is a means to an end; it is not an end in itself. Much as I appreciate the rules of the  senate, this can be waved  for now so that Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s government can pacify the troubled nerves of the south and South-East. Oshiomole represents  Edo-Delta politics combined.

Distinguished senators of the Federal Republic elected, it  is no longer news that Oshiomole has been a team member of Tinubu Campaign and Support Group. Let’s jettison ranking for now and do the needful. Politics is a win win situation, let’s make Nigeria work again with Oshiomole as Senate President.


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