Slay Queens Queue Up In Newly Opened Charm Shop To Buy ‘Tie Him Down Cream’ [VIDEO]


We found a video where young ladies queued up in a newly opened charm shop to buy ‘Tie Him Down Cream‘, a special product that can be used to charm and seek favour from men.

Several young ladies were seen in the shop waiting patiently for their turns as they explained to the shop attendants the kind of charms they need.

According to our checks ,the “Tie Him Down” is capable of keeping your man forever

Now just as the name of the product suggest, the cream is for making a man fall in love with you forever.


Its kind of surprising how most of the girls are very young but one can say the mindset is what pushed them to buying a cream like that.

They simply want to have the man completely to themselves and possibly avoid cheating or breaking of heart.

Well, Watch the video below :



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