The Types Of Ladies That Men Respect


There are some types of ladies men respect and value.

As a lady be one of them, Real Men don’t respect all ladies; but they respect the following types of ladies !!

Ladies who dress decently and neatly without exposing their body. Men especially when they are looking for a wife material, they go after ladies who dress decently.
Ladies who are intelligent. Ladies whose brain are working. They chat intelligently and they give intelligent advice.

Ladies who are still virgins. Yes I repeat, Ladies who are still Virgin. Am not saying that a man cannot respect you if you are not a virgin. That only does not mean you will meet the perfect men.

Ladies who don’t flirt with many men. No man would want to marry any lady who is flirt no matter how beautiful she is. That is why as a lady be God fearing.

Ladies who don’t woo men. one of the things men hate about some women is wooing a man. stay calm as a lady because the man you woo today maybe the man you may desire tomorrow.

Ladies who are not desperate to have boyfriend/husband. Don’t ever show to any man that you are desperate for marriage. Always stay calm.


Ladies who do not chase men but men chase them. don’t be a lady who is loose to men because ones men do know that you are desperate about them no one will marry you.

Ladies who do not force themselves on men. Avoid forcing yourself to any man because that will only make you cheap before all the men around you.

Single ladies who do not cohabit with boyfriend. Ladies who do not live together with a man they are not yet married to.

Ladies who close their legs and say no to intimacy until wedding day. although that is very difficult find now, but there re millions of ladies out there are very decent.

Ladies who don’t ask for Money now and then.

No matter how broke you are don’t be too demanding, because you may be a good lady but ones you depends on a man to do everything for you they may stop respecting you.



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