Two Young Students Captured Doing This [VIDEO]


Today’s world is full of surprises with shocking news hitting the social media platform.

It’s quite understandable when the Junior high school and Senior high school students do these things because they are mostly naive and don’t know any better but it’s very dangerous when these attitudes of recklessness comes from the realms of our tertiary institutions.


For at some point now, the news we awaken to hear or probably read online is something shaming our students have done in different colleges. The moral decorum in our schools particularly Tertiary education has fallen into ruins as another video becoming a web sensation has recently affirmed the high pace of unfortunate behaviour in our Higher level training.


It’s not a surprise anymore the sheer moral bankruptcy we witness daily from our young students because of the lack of regulation in the information they consume and are exposed to daily even from mainstream media.

From the video it was seen that the students were cheering them as they continue to touch each other. Could it be that the students are doing this because of fame?



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