Why I Am Angry With Oshiomhole – PDP Chieftain, Idahosa Spills


Idahosa also gave reasons why he was angry with Oshiomhole, his former boss, saying that he contributed to his emergence as national chairman of the APC and that the mistake that led to his removal from office would have been avoided if he was there to advise him.

He said he was particularly angry with O‎shiomhole because he allegedly leaked what he told him on phone while going abroad for medical check-up to Mr. Henry Idahagbon, who went to the media to claim that he (Idahosa) was faking illness and demanding money from Oshiomhole.


“If I see Oshiomhole today I won’t greet him, I won’t talk to him because he let me down. I have forgiven him but I will not forget,” Idahosa said, describing his former boss as a good man, stressing that reconciliation would be difficult unless Oshiomhole first initiates it.



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